Sorry Part #3

As James ran down the jetty to the beach to help Annie and Patrick, he was conflicted about how she found the two of them and why she came back. James brought a rope he found on the beach and ran into the shallow water. “Can you guys reach this,” said James. Patrick and AnnieContinue reading “Sorry Part #3”

The Experts

Listen to the experts, especially in mental health and health care. They know what their talking about. They are health care professionals. That being in any role in the health care field. They’ve got experience with case loads, situations and families. You must listen to them, they know what their talking about. They have theContinue reading “The Experts”

We Are Different

We are seeing a lot of negativity today in America. Perhaps around the world. I think we’ve forgotten that we are brothers and sisters, citizens of humanity. We must see start loving each other, caring about each other. Not demonizing each other, hating each other, and promoting bigotry. It’s bringing down America and the restContinue reading “We Are Different”

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

A quote from Aristotle – Aristotle is my favorite philosopher. I agree with him. It makes sense. “The whole is more than the sum of its part.” I apply this to life, the idea of life, the concept of living is more than what it’s like living it. The inclination that we humans can createContinue reading “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”

Questions Matter

There is nothing wrong, ever, with questioning ideas, thoughts, dogmas, and concepts and issuing rules and policies. There is a need for all of us to such. If someone tells you there is a rule, break it, because most times, it moves progress forward. Now, you could say, a company has a policy against organizationalContinue reading “Questions Matter”


Some people say they are not afraid of anything. I think this is an excellent trait to have. But, I think it’s important we discuss what we mean by “anything.” Do we expect a specific job? A certain class? A person? Afraid of what? I think a lot of people are so scared of theContinue reading “Fear?”

Tyler Fahey: I stand with the people of Hong Kong (Article in the Wisconsin State Journal: The Cap Times)

Ideas of the Future

(WARNING: I’m not a scientist, but a theorist of induction) This is a hypothetical discussion worth talking about and asking. The question of what is the “Great Void” or “Supervoid” that stretches over three-hundred million light-years in space? I honestly can believe that it could be a three civilization. We are insignificant on Earth comparedContinue reading “Ideas of the Future”

For Your Life

Every time we start a fight, Every time we live a life, There’s no sense in us, Nobody’s sane, Nobody’s complete. We are different, Difference is the equilvent, Of success. Nothing is the same, Nothing stays the same, Life is a phase, Different chapters, Different passages. We live according to what we want, We liveContinue reading “For Your Life”

You’re Not Famous, You’re Nothing And Will Be Forever

Why do we label people as famous? What’s significant about them because they are famous? Eventually, if we do not kill ourselves off in the anthropogenic age (happening right now) and can conquer our resources and the resources of the solar system, and even the galaxy as a whole, we will live forever. Only IF.Continue reading “You’re Not Famous, You’re Nothing And Will Be Forever”