The Power of Huawei

Should we fear 5G? Should we fear China? Should we fear Huawei? There are many questions to be asked about Huawei, ethical concerns, and also who has access to our information, globally. It is sporadic for governments to go after a private company or an emerging corporation. Why is Huawei such a threat to theContinue reading “The Power of Huawei”

The Chinese Empire

As we know the United States and China have been in a numerous year trade war over goods and services between the two nations. We’ve seen a lot of rhetoric, some true, other statements, just blunder. But, there is one thing that these two nations have in common when approaching each other in agreeing withContinue reading “The Chinese Empire”

The US Is Not Winning A “Beautiful War” , Here’s Why

According to the Financial Times, President Trump is enjoying his trade war with China. He has said, “it’s a beautiful thing to watch”. For those who are or aren’t Trump supporters, it is probably good to look into this matter. Washington’s position is that it is taking a tough stance on Chinese business practices, suchContinue reading “The US Is Not Winning A “Beautiful War” , Here’s Why”

Political Debate: Tariffs-Democratic View (Lorian Article 10/3/2019

We’ve seen in the news over the course of the last two years that China-US Trade has come to an all-time low in terms of international relations. However, many economists are divided on what outcome will occur within the American economy—let alone the world economy—as a result of the trade war. A top diplomat forContinue reading “Political Debate: Tariffs-Democratic View (Lorian Article 10/3/2019”