The Power of Huawei

Should we fear 5G? Should we fear China? Should we fear Huawei? There are many questions to be asked about Huawei, ethical concerns, and also who has access to our information, globally. It is sporadic for governments to go after a private company or an emerging corporation. Why is Huawei such a threat to theContinue reading “The Power of Huawei”

Hints From History, They Are Right In Front of You

When it comes to history, people make mistakes. When it comes to understanding history and learning from it, we can understand, objectively, that there are winners and losers. Who are the losers? Dictatorships. At least today, dictatorships fear the internet and they fear being called out for corruption and tyranny. Who are the winners? Well,Continue reading “Hints From History, They Are Right In Front of You”

The Obligation for Britain In Hong Kong

In the nineteenth century, two wars allowed the British Empire to acquire Hong Kong as a member of its global Empire. The First Opium War, which occurred from 1839-1842 and the Second Opium War, which occurred from 1856-1860. From the year 1898, the British ruled Hong Kong for ninety-nine years. But, in the 1970s andContinue reading “The Obligation for Britain In Hong Kong”

Basic Differences Between Hong Kong and China

Hong Kong has historically been the economic center of South East Asia. It used to be difficult shipping new technology to mainland China, but through Hong Kong, it was made possible. Effectively, it made Hong Kong an effective trading post. Hong Kong and China have a system called, “Basic Law” which details in Hong Kong’sContinue reading “Basic Differences Between Hong Kong and China”

A Historic Moment for Hong Kong

           We’ve seen in recent months; Hong Kong having been engulfed by protests around the semi-autonomous region. Hong Kong is a “special administrative region”, associated with the People’s Republic of China, the communist government located in Beijing. The other special administrative region, associated with China, is Macao. Both are different from China, Hong Kong being moreContinue reading “A Historic Moment for Hong Kong”