Move On

Those who live in the past constantly and rely to much others emotions, reassurance, and are constantly stuck in this mode of others, are doomed to have a miserable life. I genuinely wish you the best because it’s not easy, but at some point pulling the plug has to happen. It’s unpopular, but most timesContinue reading “Move On”

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

A quote from Aristotle – Aristotle is my favorite philosopher. I agree with him. It makes sense. “The whole is more than the sum of its part.” I apply this to life, the idea of life, the concept of living is more than what it’s like living it. The inclination that we humans can createContinue reading “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”

Weak power

Not only for warriors, but this also goes for humans and various species as well. Every living thing acquires a weapon — either intelligence, strength, art, imagination, wealth.Whatever power is assumed, it must be feared. Not to let it take over you, To control and consume you. Power will make you weak if it consumesContinue reading “Weak power”

A Coda (Flash Fiction)

                                               Jack and Jossie: A Coda (Flash Fiction) “Jack, I don’t understand why you have problems with me. All I want to do is help you,” said Jossie. “Here’s the problem, Jossie. You don’t understand. But why don’t you understand? Why don’t you understand why I don’t like you anymore?” Jossie and Jack were at aContinue reading “A Coda (Flash Fiction)”

Love Is Strong

People have struggled emotionally. People who’ve struggled with life, in general, can understand empathy. I can empathize with others and can understand their struggles. People who’ve been in environments of negativity, perhaps positivity, generally can develop understanding in both situations. You say, “Well, physical abuse, he is now able to empathize with people who haveContinue reading “Love Is Strong”