I don’t mean to be controversial, but the idea of God is not a good thing. Having a supreme being punishing you and also rewarding you for mistakes and successes. Why do we need two people doing such? For example, your boss at work and God, both can punish you and reward you. But, here’sContinue reading “Faith”

Ancient Thinking

Here is my review of a book I was required to read. I think some of you will find it interesting. It’s on Ancient Philosophy. I give a generalized statement.

Gods Plan?

I’m proposing a discussion; NOTE: Feel free to comment! “If a man wrote the Bible, the Church was founded by man. How can we truly know what God thought, his plans, and whether he actually would agree with the Bible? After it all, it wasn’t written by God or promoted, Jesus Christ, his son promotedContinue reading “Gods Plan?”

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

A quote from Aristotle – Aristotle is my favorite philosopher. I agree with him. It makes sense. “The whole is more than the sum of its part.” I apply this to life, the idea of life, the concept of living is more than what it’s like living it. The inclination that we humans can createContinue reading “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”

Weak power

Not only for warriors, but this also goes for humans and various species as well. Every living thing acquires a weapon — either intelligence, strength, art, imagination, wealth.Whatever power is assumed, it must be feared. Not to let it take over you, To control and consume you. Power will make you weak if it consumesContinue reading “Weak power”


                           When you are crazy, if you find yourself losing yourself, find something to grab ahold. Grab something that can control you. Your thinking is not in control; it needs to be. If it isn’t, you’ll lose your foresight. You need to be inContinue reading “Lost”

To Many Choices

Freedom is choices. Choices. Freedom give’s your options, things to choose. Especially when you’re not going anywhere — taking you out of many places, good or bad, to make you feel better, to get you on the right path. What is the right path? Your path is your choice. Nobody, but yours. You pick. TheContinue reading “To Many Choices”


If science is seeking how the universe is to be understood. Religion is seeking why the universe is to be understood, why is there such a battle? Is it relevant? If we have two systems, answering the same question, with different methods. Is there really a wrong answer? Religion explains what we don’t know, scienceContinue reading “Existence”