Sorry Part #8

Jackie and James took the room, Patrick had been dying to ask Annie about what had happened between her and David, especially with the text messages. “You sent me a text that shouldn’t have went to me,” said Patrick. “You didn’t mean any of that”? Annie responded, “No. Not at all, it was meant forContinue reading “Sorry Part #8”

Sorry Part #6

“Annie, what exactly happened between you and David”? Annie was taken to the police station to discuss the party that had happened the night before. “David and I had been in a relationship for a year and a half. We were close in the beginning, and we did love each other, but both of ourContinue reading “Sorry Part #6”

Sorry Part #5 – The Party

     Patrick waved down a cab near the San Diego Pier. “To UC-Los Angeles, please.” “Sir, you do realize that’s a forty-minute drive,” replied the cab driver. “Yes, I realize that we need to get going,” answered Patrick. Patrick and Annie had a difficult time finding a cab driver that would take them all theContinue reading “Sorry Part #5 – The Party”

Sorry Part #2

“There comes the point where you have to have your priorities straight, Patrick. You can’t live in the past forever,” said James. “You have to move on and stop fighting what you’re fighting. Move on, be strong, and get on with it”. Patrick was contemplating quitting school, quitting everything. Patrick felt that he might haveContinue reading “Sorry Part #2”

Sorry Part #1

“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself yet,” asked James. “Listen, you need to get off the couch, quit moping, and do something with yourself. Sitting around crying, moping, and being sadistic to yourself is going to get you no-where.” James and Patrick had been friends for nearly ten years, their friendship was on theContinue reading “Sorry Part #1”

Marry Me

“Erin, do you care about me? Do you love me enough to be in this relationship”? Erin and Kassie had been in a relationship for nearly twelve years, since their junior year in high school. They went to the same university and believed they were life long lovers. Though, they were worried about others’ opinionsContinue reading “Marry Me”

Move On

Those who live in the past constantly and rely to much others emotions, reassurance, and are constantly stuck in this mode of others, are doomed to have a miserable life. I genuinely wish you the best because it’s not easy, but at some point pulling the plug has to happen. It’s unpopular, but most timesContinue reading “Move On”

A Coda (Flash Fiction)

                                               Jack and Jossie: A Coda (Flash Fiction) “Jack, I don’t understand why you have problems with me. All I want to do is help you,” said Jossie. “Here’s the problem, Jossie. You don’t understand. But why don’t you understand? Why don’t you understand why I don’t like you anymore?” Jossie and Jack were at aContinue reading “A Coda (Flash Fiction)”


                           When you are crazy, if you find yourself losing yourself, find something to grab ahold. Grab something that can control you. Your thinking is not in control; it needs to be. If it isn’t, you’ll lose your foresight. You need to be inContinue reading “Lost”

The Mentor

         If a relationship is balanced, there will be happy if there is tyranny in a relationship, expect everything to be unbalanced. If one controls all, you control none — not even yourself. Control or uncontrol, you are you.     If a relationship is balanced, love will be present. If a bondContinue reading “The Mentor”