Windows Of Opportunities

We are ignoring a lot of potential in the world. The United States should focus on other places around the world, rather than China, Russia, Iran, and Syria, perhaps the European Union. There much potential for nations around the world to forge better relationships with each other. We see the rise of China as anContinue reading “Windows Of Opportunities”

Careless Education

The American people take things at face value. I’ve witnessed such. After dinner watching Don Lemon, Sean Hannity, whomever you choose to indulge. Who wouldn’t want to have the “facts” told them? They are not facts. Ignorance is a problem in this country. Nobody looks for the truth, nor looks into the systematic judgments inContinue reading “Careless Education”

We Are Different

We are seeing a lot of negativity today in America. Perhaps around the world. I think we’ve forgotten that we are brothers and sisters, citizens of humanity. We must see start loving each other, caring about each other. Not demonizing each other, hating each other, and promoting bigotry. It’s bringing down America and the restContinue reading “We Are Different”

Questions Matter

There is nothing wrong, ever, with questioning ideas, thoughts, dogmas, and concepts and issuing rules and policies. There is a need for all of us to such. If someone tells you there is a rule, break it, because most times, it moves progress forward. Now, you could say, a company has a policy against organizationalContinue reading “Questions Matter”

2nd Wisconsin State Journal Article- The Value of the Arts

Here is my second article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Thank you for reading.—-tyler/article_a2ce53db-6df6-5694-89d7-e43ea5094917.html