Now that Democrats and Republicans have made facts situational. They’ve made most information not reliable, so where do we go from here? Look at the irony. From 2007 through even today, Republicans continually criticized then-Senator Barack Obama of Illinois throughout the media. He was elated, hated, and biased against. Ironically, we see most liberal pressContinue reading “Fakery”

The Carrot Family (Explicit) – An Off Color Comedy

Be aware, some people may find this piece of comedy offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate. I’m trying comedy poetry, comedy writing, and it was suggested I explore this. It’s probably not good, but I’m trying. This content contains sexual and metaphorical content, that may be inappropriate for some audiences, or you might find offensive. Read withContinue reading “The Carrot Family (Explicit) – An Off Color Comedy”

I’m An Elitist

I never realized that being educated was such a bad thing? Today being educated in any form, education means nothing. Well, that’s not my problem. I didn’t contribute to the neglect of education, it’s those who espouse facts and contradictions are at a loss. This is a serious problem. Facts and evidence matter. News, information,Continue reading “I’m An Elitist”