Careless Education

The American people take things at face value. I’ve witnessed such. After dinner watching Don Lemon, Sean Hannity, whomever you choose to indulge. Who wouldn’t want to have the “facts” told them? They are not facts. Ignorance is a problem in this country. Nobody looks for the truth, nor looks into the systematic judgments inContinue reading “Careless Education”

Weak power

Not only for warriors, but this also goes for humans and various species as well. Every living thing acquires a weapon — either intelligence, strength, art, imagination, wealth.Whatever power is assumed, it must be feared. Not to let it take over you, To control and consume you. Power will make you weak if it consumesContinue reading “Weak power”

Wishing for peace (Lorian article 9/26/2019)

This week is Peace and Justice week at Loras. Students are encouraged to promote and talk about peace and justice and to ask questions like, “what is justice” and “when do you achieve peace in a conflict”? All of these questions could be answered this week with a series of events held on campus. ThisContinue reading “Wishing for peace (Lorian article 9/26/2019)”