Weak power

Not only for warriors, but this also goes for humans and various species as well. Every living thing acquires a weapon — either intelligence, strength, art, imagination, wealth.Whatever power is assumed, it must be feared. Not to let it take over you, To control and consume you. Power will make you weak if it consumesContinue reading “Weak power”

Tyler Fahey: I stand with the people of Hong Kong (Article in the Wisconsin State Journal: The Cap Times)


An EU Army?

n 2016, the representative for Foreign Affairs for the European Union set out a timeline on creating a European Army to protect the European Union. While the discussion and idea of a European Army have been on the table since the creation of the political union, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland haveContinue reading “An EU Army?”

Hints From History, They Are Right In Front of You

When it comes to history, people make mistakes. When it comes to understanding history and learning from it, we can understand, objectively, that there are winners and losers. Who are the losers? Dictatorships. At least today, dictatorships fear the internet and they fear being called out for corruption and tyranny. Who are the winners? Well,Continue reading “Hints From History, They Are Right In Front of You”

A New Revelation

As a human, I am not a perfect person. I do not ever claim to be. Being wrong is not a bad thing. You will learn why you are wrong and strategize how you conduct yourself as you continue in your life. By meeting with people and exposing yourself to new situations, you can changeContinue reading “A New Revelation”