The Takeout?

“Okay folks, today we will be discussing whether debating matters in a society or not. As a professor, researcher, and frankly a human being, this is a discussion worth having. Welcome to philosophy club, if you are not open to intellectual debate, or think it is a waste of time, take a hike”, said professorContinue reading “The Takeout?”

What if?

“Will college be like high school,” asked Alfred? Lexi responded, “I don’t know, probably not. We are on our own, we now have to pay for school, and we meet new people”. Alfred responded, “We’ll still be friends, right”? “Of course,” replied Lexi. Alfred and Lexi, sitting at a picnic table at Fordham University. BothContinue reading “What if?”

The Girl – Flash Fiction

“We thought this day would never come, through trials and successes, our son was able to graduate college despite falling and stumbling. He did it”. Jack was praising his son, Albert, after graduating high school, many thought, including Albert, that he would never graduate high school. Albert had severe ADHD; the focus was difficult; also,Continue reading “The Girl – Flash Fiction”


               Sorry Part #9 “Jackie, your father, is in the hallway,” Patrick whispered. Patrick left the bedroom and peaked again out the door hole. Not acknowledging the fact that there were people in the dorm suite. Patrick waited for Jackie’s father to leave. Eventually, he did. Annie told Patrick, “They’ve been lying in bed allContinue reading “Needle”

Sorry Part #8

Jackie and James took the room, Patrick had been dying to ask Annie about what had happened between her and David, especially with the text messages. “You sent me a text that shouldn’t have went to me,” said Patrick. “You didn’t mean any of that”? Annie responded, “No. Not at all, it was meant forContinue reading “Sorry Part #8”

Sorry- Part #7

           While Patrick was at the police station, trying to understand what was going on with Annie and David, Jackie was having a meltdown. Patrick had just heard in the background over the phone, “I’m pregnant!”. Jackie and James had slept together the previous night at the party, she got a result she was notContinue reading “Sorry- Part #7”

Sorry Part #6

“Annie, what exactly happened between you and David”? Annie was taken to the police station to discuss the party that had happened the night before. “David and I had been in a relationship for a year and a half. We were close in the beginning, and we did love each other, but both of ourContinue reading “Sorry Part #6”

Sorry Part #5 – The Party

     Patrick waved down a cab near the San Diego Pier. “To UC-Los Angeles, please.” “Sir, you do realize that’s a forty-minute drive,” replied the cab driver. “Yes, I realize that we need to get going,” answered Patrick. Patrick and Annie had a difficult time finding a cab driver that would take them all theContinue reading “Sorry Part #5 – The Party”

Sorry Part #4 –

After leaving the Gen Jen buffet, Annie, Patrick, James, and Jackie took a taxi back to campus. All of them stayed together in James’ dorm. The next morning, Patrick woke up with Annie lying right next to him, he felt that it maybe she was still interested in him. Patrick whispered in Annie’s ear, “happyContinue reading “Sorry Part #4 –”

Sorry Part #3

As James ran down the jetty to the beach to help Annie and Patrick, he was conflicted about how she found the two of them and why she came back. James brought a rope he found on the beach and ran into the shallow water. “Can you guys reach this,” said James. Patrick and AnnieContinue reading “Sorry Part #3”