Windows Of Opportunities

We are ignoring a lot of potential in the world. The United States should focus on other places around the world, rather than China, Russia, Iran, and Syria, perhaps the European Union. There much potential for nations around the world to forge better relationships with each other. We see the rise of China as anContinue reading “Windows Of Opportunities”

Move On

Those who live in the past constantly and rely to much others emotions, reassurance, and are constantly stuck in this mode of others, are doomed to have a miserable life. I genuinely wish you the best because it’s not easy, but at some point pulling the plug has to happen. It’s unpopular, but most timesContinue reading “Move On”


When I Was Younger                                                          I Thought I Could Do It All                                                          Be Everyone’s Toy                                                          Moving Around,                                                          Oh How Then I Didn’t Know                                                          What Kept Me Going                                                          My Shadows Chasing Me                                                          Following My All-Around                                                          When I Was Younger                                                          I Felt Like I Was In The Wrong PlaceContinue reading “Asperger”

Our Fate, Is Our Choice

What we are now, what we will be in the next few years, Will change and alter us in the coming few centuries. Nothing will be still, everything will change. Life forms distinct, religions extinct? Politics polarized, greed monetized, even love patronized. Is this the future we want? We fight and we kill, but whatContinue reading “Our Fate, Is Our Choice”