I don’t mean to be controversial, but the idea of God is not a good thing. Having a supreme being punishing you and also rewarding you for mistakes and successes. Why do we need two people doing such? For example, your boss at work and God, both can punish you and reward you. But, here’sContinue reading “Faith”

To Many Choices

Freedom is choices. Choices. Freedom give’s your options, things to choose. Especially when you’re not going anywhere — taking you out of many places, good or bad, to make you feel better, to get you on the right path. What is the right path? Your path is your choice. Nobody, but yours. You pick. TheContinue reading “To Many Choices”

Wishing for peace (Lorian article 9/26/2019)

This week is Peace and Justice week at Loras. Students are encouraged to promote and talk about peace and justice and to ask questions like, “what is justice” and “when do you achieve peace in a conflict”? All of these questions could be answered this week with a series of events held on campus. ThisContinue reading “Wishing for peace (Lorian article 9/26/2019)”