Move On

Those who live in the past constantly and rely to much others emotions, reassurance, and are constantly stuck in this mode of others, are doomed to have a miserable life. I genuinely wish you the best because it’s not easy, but at some point pulling the plug has to happen. It’s unpopular, but most timesContinue reading “Move On”

The Experts

Listen to the experts, especially in mental health and health care. They know what their talking about. They are health care professionals. That being in any role in the health care field. They’ve got experience with case loads, situations and families. You must listen to them, they know what their talking about. They have theContinue reading “The Experts”


                           When you are crazy, if you find yourself losing yourself, find something to grab ahold. Grab something that can control you. Your thinking is not in control; it needs to be. If it isn’t, you’ll lose your foresight. You need to be inContinue reading “Lost”

The Beauty and A Beast

     What is a beauty? Beauty is the mind, and beauty is art. Beauty is nature. Grace is the universe and forgiveness in humanity. Without some form of beauty, what is the meaning of life? If you have no creativity in society or if you have no adventure in a physical and literal format,Continue reading “The Beauty and A Beast”

Don't Repeat History, Make History

The past involves history. History is important but is not your destiny. Or is it? Are you going to let history, your history, dictate your future? Or, are your going to make history yourself? The past is a general guiding post for some, others it’s a waste of time to think what happened fifty yearsContinue reading “Don't Repeat History, Make History”

Your Time Is Now

Don’t give up, don’t look down. Your time is coming, your time is now. This is the time. You have to do what you’re meant to do. You’re meant to change and reform things. You’re meant to expose things and make light of things. The world is dangerous and so are you. Be the bestContinue reading “Your Time Is Now”

The Good

If you’re driven by status and a paycheck, you are not living your life for the right reason. You live your life helping others, helping humanity, and everyone, not just yourself. You can only help your family, but be happy? You should be helping others. Changing society and changing the world, not just yourself. IfContinue reading “The Good”