The Power of Huawei

Should we fear 5G? Should we fear China? Should we fear Huawei? There are many questions to be asked about Huawei, ethical concerns, and also who has access to our information, globally. It is sporadic for governments to go after a private company or an emerging corporation. Why is Huawei such a threat to theContinue reading “The Power of Huawei”

Errors With Love

We are seeing a lot of negativity today in America. Perhaps around the world. I think we’ve forgotten that we are brothers and sisters, citizens of humanity. We must see start loving each other, caring about each other. Not demonizing each other, hating each other, and promoting bigotry. It’s bringing down America and the restContinue reading “Errors With Love”

What If?

What if you had everything you wanted? What if you achieved everything you hoped for? What if you did what you set out to do? What if you did you? What if you set a course and got a hole in one? Would you be satisfied? Would you want more? Would you make concessions orContinue reading “What If?”