Sorry Part #3

As James ran down the jetty to the beach to help Annie and Patrick, he was conflicted about how she found the two of them and why she came back. James brought a rope he found on the beach and ran into the shallow water. “Can you guys reach this,” said James. Patrick and AnnieContinue reading “Sorry Part #3”

Move On

Those who live in the past constantly and rely to much others emotions, reassurance, and are constantly stuck in this mode of others, are doomed to have a miserable life. I genuinely wish you the best because it’s not easy, but at some point pulling the plug has to happen. It’s unpopular, but most timesContinue reading “Move On”

Errors With Love

We are seeing a lot of negativity today in America. Perhaps around the world. I think we’ve forgotten that we are brothers and sisters, citizens of humanity. We must see start loving each other, caring about each other. Not demonizing each other, hating each other, and promoting bigotry. It’s bringing down America and the restContinue reading “Errors With Love”

Love Is Strong

People have struggled emotionally. People who’ve struggled with life, in general, can understand empathy. I can empathize with others and can understand their struggles. People who’ve been in environments of negativity, perhaps positivity, generally can develop understanding in both situations. You say, “Well, physical abuse, he is now able to empathize with people who haveContinue reading “Love Is Strong”

Recent Publication in Regional Newspaper (Mine) "America needs universal health care coverage".