I don’t mean to be controversial, but the idea of God is not a good thing. Having a supreme being punishing you and also rewarding you for mistakes and successes. Why do we need two people doing such? For example, your boss at work and God, both can punish you and reward you. But, here’sContinue reading “Faith”

Ancient Thinking

Here is my review of a book I was required to read. I think some of you will find it interesting. It’s on Ancient Philosophy. I give a generalized statement.

Be An Agnostic Not Atheist (brief post)

When I transferred to a Catholic oriented school, I wasn’t sure about the religion aspect of it. Granted, there are a lot of devout Catholics at my school. I have three friends, who aren’t religious in any sense, but the rest is definitely, but not rigidly. I’ve often wondered whether figuring out whether God exists,Continue reading “Be An Agnostic Not Atheist (brief post)”