That’s The Way?

Is there one right way to achieve spiritual clarity? Do you have to be such a well rounded Catholic or Lutheran or Jewish person who goes to the Sunday sermon every weekend? Do you have to do this to be a good person? No. What you have to be is well-rounded enough to be open-minded about religion, spirituality, and achieving higher awareness. It is important to have direction and clarity in life, but do you have to be a consistent churchgoer? No. I’m not. I typically go to weekly mass at my college during the week. It is less overwhelming and congested like it is on the weekends. There is more space between people in pews and is calmer in my opinion. This may be an Asperger related thing.

However, I think it’s also important to note other people have other methods of achieving a spiritual awareness of the universe or themselves. My method is through watching religious history documentaries, lectures on Catholic theological dogma and history, the history of the Jewish faith, documentaries on European, Middle Eastern, and American history. Also, through my writing, I think that helps me achieve oneness with a higher spiritual being. Especially, when talking about spirituality and religion. Writing, history and film, and also through discussions with professors, priests and nuns, everyday people, and friends. I have a feeling a higher power is involved in guiding those discussions. Even though we have free-will to take it in any direction we want.

So, my method is through writing about history, religion, philosophy, and theology. Watching documentaries and reading about those subjects. Finally discussing these concepts, these histories, and these dogmas, and also the teachings and writings. Additionally, visual paintings and drawings of religious scenes, biblical events, events in history, help me understand the history and give me an aesthetic sense of religion and philosophy. These are unconventional methods of achieving spiritual inclinations. Am I less Catholic or Christian? By current methods, no, because I still do my best to attend religious services during the week. I’m still consistent in studying religious texts and histories.

Most people follow the traditional methods of praying. I do not, but I am still a Catholic and Christian. I may not do everything consistent with traditional methods, but I still follow and understand, accept the deity of the Church. It is done, however, through different means. Everybody is different and we should respect that. I suspect my readers here, at least some of them, have side-methods of achieving their religious beliefs. There is no right way, the right way is your way and the way of the Churches. If people cannot be open to that, that’s unfortunate, because I think Jesus and God would be open to it.

I may have talked about this before, but not as in detail. I think we should respect and understand differences in religious perceptions. We think and study differently. We perceive and process differently, so be it. I don’t judge and neither should anybody else. My method works for me.

Contributing Writer for Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington emailed me saying I could write for her new company Thrive Global. I will be writing on a variety of topics including spirituality and about well-being in our lives. My first article came out today, but I wasn’t sure if it had been edited so I put it back as a draft to make. Apparently, there was not a lot to fix, but still being sure is good. I’m expanding my writing outside the Lorian and moving to other local papers outside of the school, due to various reasons, but still plan to write for the Lorian in capacities. I hope you will consider reading my article that I’m going share here.

COMMUNITY//October 10, 2019

The Value of Religion, Spirituality, and Meaning In Young Adults Today

Religions of all kinds can provide men and women of all ages, solace, and happiness, despite the constant negativity around us. Whether it be our own personal struggles, the struggles of people around us, such as family and friends. Or it could be cultural aspects that affect us. We hear from some people that religion […]


Religions of all kinds can provide men and women of all ages, solace, and happiness, despite the constant negativity around us. Whether it be our own personal struggles, the struggles of people around us, such as family and friends. Or it could be cultural aspects that affect us. We hear from some people that religion has hindered society more than helped. Whether this is true or not, it’s different for various people, but most people do find religion and spirituality, whatever it may be, to help them in life.

Typically, religion and spirituality seek to put a positive outlook on life. When we read the Christian bible, or the Torah and Quran, we see history, culture, and moral and ethical questions surrounding us all. Whether we will ever be able to accurately answer those questions and understand concepts of history and culture holistically, people can find that this religion can provide them with comfort because they have something to look forward to in life. After all, what is a life without some level of meaning and metaphysical awareness?

I’ve met people in my personal life who’ve sought religion out as a means to better themselves, or to find something to give them direction in life. This is personal for every individual and there is no way we can describe it in any general way. However, we do know that throughout history religion has sought to bring people a good life. While religion and spiritual leaders are by no means perfect, who is? Nobody’s perfect in life and everybody who lives a life makes mistakes. Perhaps, seeking out religion and spirituality can help you make better decisions. Religion and spirituality can help you mature and make ethical decisions.

By reading moral and social philosophy, the Gospel of Luke, or the teachings of the Buddha, we know that through the literature of religion and spirituality, there is typically positive and humane intent. While, not everything in life is positive, especially in moral and theological teachings, the intent is usually positive. Moral and social philosophy, theology, and even poetry can lead people to seek a deeper meaning for life.

Speaking as someone who is a baptized, receiver of first communion, and confirmed Roman Catholic, I went through a three and a half year period of uncertainty of religion and spirituality. Mostly looking for myself and seeking some level of comfort. But, I’ve found through understanding the history of religion, whether it be the history of Islam and Christianity, or reading about Thomas Aquinas, it helps me understand my faith much better. Plus, it leads to a question, is there one right way to hold faith and belief. It is different for everyone, which is why we cannot generalize religious beliefs, completely.

My advice for college students struggling or trying to find some level of morality and meaning in life, would be to seek out a greater truth. It doesn’t have to be a diety or a specific religious or spiritual practice, but perhaps study poetry based on ethics. Or, listen to music that has emotional and personal meanings behind it, based on positive struggles and negative consequences. Or read history and try to understand where humans went wrong in the past and how we can change our future. By reading history, it can give you a sense of what the intent of Kings and Queens of Europe, or the Pope’s or leaders in the Ottoman Empire made the moral and right decisions in battle and in passing laws that affect the masses within that specific culture.

Finding meaning in life can take on different forms, some traditional and conventional, others are more personal and based on creativity. Let’s say that whether you choose either of these methods to find meaning, to you, you are open to finding the truth about life and reality and the nature of the universe.— Published on October 10, 2019

My Method of Solace

People who are religious or believe in a spiritual practice of any kind typically have a method of seeking guidance from a particular God of a leader. I’m a Roman Catholic, but my way of believing is a lot different than traditional methods of praying and going to church regularly. My understanding of religion is through my intuition and understanding of metaphysical concepts. Less so, understanding Catholic teachings. I read on Catholic teachings and especially social justice, but to me, there is more to study, not just Catholic dogma. We have to study Church history, we have to understand the politics that have happened within the history of the Church, the economic and social platforms given, and many other things. It’s not just praying to the saints and angels in heaven.
That is one aspect, but there are many more to me. My method of praying is talking to God in my head and have a one-sided conversation with him/her. Again, we don’t know if God is he or she and we don’t know if he or she exists, that’s why to most it seems like a one-sided conversation. People have criticized me for saying that I don’t take my faith seriously and I don’t understand my faith enough and never go to Church. Well, I would love to tell them their wrong, but I do not. To me, there is no one way to do things. There are various ways people can seek solace and comfort in life. It’s like learning to read. Not every child is going to learn the same way. Some may learn through writing the words out that he or she is struggling with. Some children may talk the words out with a teacher or a speech pathologist. It’s different for everyone and if people cannot accept that, well that’s pretty disappointing.
I have to say that for years I’ve been interested in the Roman Catholic Church. While it’s by no means perfect, it is a platform that has done well. People will always say that the child molestation scandals have hurt the Church, Vatileaks, and other things like corruption, have tarnished the Church’s reputation. That may be true to some extent, but the most loyal of Catholics have not left the Church. Likely, because they understand nobody is perfect, but God wants us to aim to be as perfect as our heavenly father, himself. We aim to go to that “other place” at the end of our lives. Whether it exists or not, that’s another discussion, but I’ve found that most people who believe in Catholicism, do because it gives them hope and it brings happiness to them.
That is a good thing and it’s personal for them. So, how is praying differently and processing deity differently in an unconventional way any different? Your faith means something different to you than my understanding means to me. You may have the concept of comfort from religion, but your reason is likely to be different. I may follow Catholicism and the Church, but I do it for a different reason or through a different method. Okay, does that make either of us any less Catholic or Christian? No. It doesn’t. What it does say is that we are unique and capable people believing and understanding something greater than ourselves.

Sistine Chapel Choir (Short)

The Sistine Chapel Choir of the Pontifical Choir, is the Choir that sings at the masses at St. Peter’s Basillica. You could say that the Sistine Chapel Choir is a personal music group for the Church and the Pope. The Sistine Chapel Choir is actually one of the oldest Choir organizations in the world. The Choir typically has around twenty men who are a mix between Baritones and Tenors. It also has around thirty men who are sopranos and altos. The Choir has been active since the fifteenth Century.

Below are some links to listen to some of the compositions they perform.

Link #1-

Link #2-

Link #3-

Credits: Sistine Chapel Vevo, YouTube Channel.

The Putin Interviews

Documentary film director, producer, and author, Oliver Stone, completed a documentary series concerning his interviews with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Many people in the West know President Putin as a thug, tyrant, Czar, and dictator. Despite this, Stone interviewed Putin and asks fair questions so as to paint a non-biased picture for the American audience. News has spread that Putin hacked the 2016 American presidential election between current President, Donald Trump, and former Secretary of State and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton.

Stone’s well-scripted view of Putin, as a result of there being no limitations to questions, addresses who Vladimir Putin actually is. The interviews reveal that he has improved the Russian military and the Russian economy, despite sanctions. His popularity also heavily stems from his aiding farmers in rural Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union.

President Putin also is known for his unconventional ways of conducting himself in public, like playing ice hockey, wrestling with Judo practitioners, hunting on horseback, and meeting wild Panthers and Leopards in Siberia. But his display of masculinity and strength is combated by the controversy regarding his persecution and banning of LGBTQ citizens in Russia.

A candid and difficult conversation involving the mistreatment of Russian LGBTQ citizens took place in a recent interview with former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Putin claimed the ban’s purpose is to encourage more people to have children because the recent advance in the global economy is causing a population shrinkage. However, staggering birth rates may not be the only factor playing into the issue; looser immigration laws may be needed as well.

Although a negative connotation surrounds Putin, he is an influential leader to his people and is one of the most powerful men on the planet. For over 15 years, his leadership in Russia has caused controversy around the globe, but he is still very popular among most Russian citizens. Stone’s works to reconstruct the image of Putin to portray him as a good man. After all, he won over 60% of the vote in the recent Russian elections.

“The Putin Interviews” are available on ShowTime and highly recommended by critics.

No Tears Left To Cry

2018 was a big year in Music for pop genre-oriented musicians. Ariana Grande has become a superstar, even more than she was before 2018. In 2018, Ariana released a single called, “No Tears Left To Cry”. The song is about her experiences in the bombings at one of her concerts in Manchester, the previous year.

This single is on the album named, Sweetener and it was a smash hit with critics and the press. Ariana talked a lot about her experiences in Manchester and the bombing that took place at her concert. I have to imagine that was a life-changing event. Especially, don’t take life for granted because you never know when the coda could some.

Imagine what it would be like performing and having a terrorist blow up part of the arena you were going to be performing at? People have suggested it was a conspiracy and the Illuminati was behind it. If they could provide evidence that both it was set up by the British government and that the Illuminati exists, that’s a different story. It is doubtful that either of these things is true. Try not to overdramatize the situation conspiracy theories, especially when the situation is tense more than usual.

No Tears Left To Cry, climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and made it to #1 on the US Dance Charts. Ariana put more music out not long after the release of “Sweetener”. I can argue that this time around, the music is a lot more autobiographical and reflective. My youngest sister is a big fan of Ariana Grande and especially due to her recent music. Critics put forward that this song is a disco and dance-pop song, it makes sense. There are electronic drums, it has a high tempo, electronic keyboards, and synthesizers.

In music, I am not one who listens to a lot of pop music. This is one song I will listen to. This is song has a clear message in it and the message is fantastic. Not too long after the bombing, various artists including Ariana, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Liam Gallagher from Oasis, and others came forward for a benefit concert for the people of Manchester. At the end of this post, I will provide a link to a random performance from that concert. It is clear that Ariana is making a point in this song and it is that you will experience harsh and cold things in life, but the only thing you can do is move on. That is what we all must do to get ahead in life. If you dwell on things like that, negative experiences, you get depressed and anxious, maybe become a recluse in the basement. Ariana should be happy she has an outlet, music, to help her with anything that bothers her.

I give this song a 10/10 A+.

Ariana link:

Manchester link (Coldplay and Liam Gallagher):

The Power of Nuncios

If you follow the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, and his commission, the Pontifical Commission, overseeing the Vatican City State and Holy See, direct the oldest diplomatic service in the history of the world. An Apostolic Nuncio is also known as a Papal Ambassador, as an American Ambassador. Men are appointed by the Pope and are created Archbishops in the Church.

Most men have to go through the Pontifical Eccestical Academy, which is the school for Vatican diplomats. Training priests in canon law, foreign languages, church and world history, diplomacy and mediation, and many other things. At the end of their education at the Academy, the priests receive a J.C.L. and a J.C.D., both known as a Licentiate and Doctorate of Canon Law. Canon Law is the legal system the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See are built on. If you want to be a senior member of the Roman Catholic Church, you need a J.C.L. and or J.C.D. Most Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and some priests, who work on canon tribunals have these Pontifical degrees.

I know a Catholic priest who served as an interim summer priest at my church several years ago. He served mass for about three to four months, perhaps five. His homilies and masses were about forty to forty-five minutes long, shorter than most masses. He was in his mid to late thirties when I last met him, but he preferred shorter masses. By the fifth month, he was called to Rome to study canon law at the Pontifical Gregorian University, which is a Pontifical University, headed by the Church. As an Asperger, I asked him a lot of questions and later did my research. He said he was going to be living in Rome for two years studying canon law, getting a J.C.L., on behalf of the Archbishop in our Diocese. There is a shortage of priests in my Dicoses, like most in the west. Archbishop Jackels sent him to Rome and Fr. Dellhaert was to study canon law for two years. Fr. Dellhaert told me when he was to complete his studying Rome, he had to do an oral examination in Latin, versing everything he studied in canon law. Daunting if you do not know Latin.

However, most priests who make it through higher levels of the Church hierarchy, need at J.C.L. and or J.C.D. Most become Archbishops and others become Cardinals, not all, but it depends on certain circumstances. This is the same for Apostolic Nuncios. They need to know canon law to the tone of being an expert canonist. After these priests leave the academy, they are sent to Vatican nunciatures around the world of work in various departments in the Vatican office of Secretary of State. Archbishop Broglio in 2001, “Inside the Vatican”, produced by National Geographic and narrated by actor, Martin Sheen, was a monsignor and also was a priest who studied at the Diplomatic Academy in Rome. He would be eventually named and ordained Archbishop Broglio and was named an Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic.

In Africa and around the world, Apostolic Nuncios have done fantastic work not just on behalf of the Church, but the world as a whole. In Burundi in 2003, Papal Nuncio, Michael Courtney was instrumental in taking up peace talks between the government of Burundi and rebel groups. This can be dangerous work and Papal Nuncio’s, in certain regions of the world. Like other Ambassadors, work in dangerous environments. Working in nations that are not as developed, such as Iraq, Malaysia, Rwanda, and other nations. Archbishop Courtney was to be given a position to be Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba, due to the easing of relations with Cuba and the Church. However, he was shot in the head several times through the side window of his car, after leaving a spiritual service.

I have met anybody or know of anyone who knows of priests going on to be Papal Nuncios. Granted, it’s not just a position you’re given. You have to get experience and work your way into the position. But, I’ve never met any priests who anticipated joining the Vatican diplomatic corps. From my knowledge, you can just join, typically you are selected by the Archbishop and sent to Rome. Either or, the Pope picks candidates. It is a process I am not knowledgable about, but I know it is not a simple process.

It is important to point out that Papal Ambassadors were instrumental in 2014-2016 in renewing relations between the United States and Cuba. President Obama and President Raul Castro sought to work together, with the help of Pope Francis. Vatican diplomats, such as Archbishop, Paul Gallagher, who is Secretary of State for Relations for the Holy See, said Pope Francis thought the Church could play a powerful role in helping rekindle this tense and bitter relationship. Pope Francis was successful and so was his Papal diplomats and foreign ministers. If Barack Obama would have been able to run for a third term, maybe it would have led to a formal re-opening of relations with the United States and Cuba, but that is purely hypothetical and probably something not to waste your time over.

In some of my classes with priest candidates, a lot of them are interesting people. I think of priests or the ones I see in parishes, typically they are older men, some of whom are bland and have no sense of humor, other’s who are wonderful and pleasant. These young priest candidates live at the seminary in my city. I’m not sure if any of them are even planning on going to Rome for studying, but right now there is an agreement with my school and the Diocese. Like I mentioned above, our Diocese is short of priests. If men interested in the priesthood, they can go to school at my college and get their tuition paid for and seminary paid for. As long as they come back to the Diocese are serve in their capacities.

Political Debate: Tariffs-Democratic View (Lorian Article 10/3/2019

We’ve seen in the news over the course of the last two years that China-US Trade has come to an all-time low in terms of international relations. However, many economists are divided on what outcome will occur within the American economy—let alone the world economy—as a result of the trade war. A top diplomat for China at the United Nations suggested that the heightened tariffs on China-U.S. trade will backfire and lead to a recession.

But, the evidence does suggest that China has taken advantage of our intellectual property. I’ve heard a few people tell me, “the economy is doing great,” “my 401k is looking great right now,” and other things. However, you have to pay attention to what these people are saying, right now—what about in the next year or two? Is your perspective so short-sighted that you will eventually have to change your investment because you neglected to look into future projections?

Everything can be fine and dandy right now, but just be aware of what your 401k will look like in five to ten years. If you aren’t worried about that, you should consider being worried now. I’ve talked to people, specifically two people who are day traders, who are also projecting a recession in the next year. The traditional stock they have been investing in, such as Pepsico (PEP) and Coca Cola (KO), are doing so well that it’s too risky to take them seriously. These traders also said that they are paying close attention to their stocks because President Trump constantly tweets about topics that affect the stock market and these are hindering its progress.

The problem is that now the current administration is relaxing regulations and lowering taxes because of the tariffs. However, does anyone appreciate history? Didn’t we just rebound from a recession? Was anybody alive between 2006 and 2010? In a free-market economy, you have to have regulations; if you let the market run wild, with no oversight, what happens is what happened with the banks in 2006 through 2008. Banks claimed, “we are going to self-regulate,” when, in reality, they needed more regulations because they didn’t self-regulate at all. History is important and if you aren’t paying attention to these historical patterns and trends, you’re doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

The thing I’ve found is that Ireland can have a low corporate tax rate because their economy is not near the size of the U.S. The U.S. has a broad economy, the now 2nd largest in the world. Ireland’s economy isn’t even in the top twenty, so it would make sense why Dublin is looking like Silicon Valley, because it works for them demographically and statistically. But, in the U.S., if we had a corporate tax rate of 12.5%, like that of Ireland, we would be repeating history. This has nothing to do with CEO’s making too much money, it has to do with not comparing “apples to oranges.”

We can see that some countries are benefiting from the trade war. Vietnam and India are benefiting, among other nations. But, what’s concerning the people on Wall Street, who make these projections, is that by getting no trade deal and leaving this uncertainty, it could backfire on the future projections. PBS reported that the United States and China were at 90% agreement in recent trade talks, but China is backing out and “nagging” the U.S. about different concessions which President Trump is not going to make. China’s new strategy I suspect is to wait to see the outcome of the 2020 election—as in, if Trump wins, a deal will have to be made.

What Trump voters should also consider when reflecting on him is how the economy is doing in reality, not just what partisan news is professing to them. Look into the facts, look at the data, project the data, and do the quantitative math. If you can’t do that and are so serious about the economy doing well right now, your ignorance for not looking into the facts and long-term projections is hindering the success of the American economy and, in fact, the world economy.

A New Revelation

As a human, I am not a perfect person. I do not ever claim to be. Being wrong is not a bad thing. You will learn why you are wrong and strategize how you conduct yourself as you continue in your life. By meeting with people and exposing yourself to new situations, you can change your perspective on life. You can change your entire life and who knows who can impact it? People do come into your life for a reason. Activites and physical things come into our lives, perhaps, not always at our welcoming. However, most times whether we like it or not, it usually is for a good reason. Or something is putting it into your life and you may not notice it right away. If you are good at noticing patterns and trends in not just behaviors, actions, and processes, you can see how those trends are impacting you.

I’ve been taking a class called Catholic Voices at my college. It has open my eyes quite a lot. As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, typically we are atheists or agnostics. However, I am different. I have always thought that there is something that is controlling the universe. Does it have to be a monotheistic God? Not totally and people can interpret God however they want. To me, this class has re-opened my mind to the Catholic Church. I was baptized, confirmed, and given holy communion as a child up until my high school years. Since then, I’ve been skeptical of God and religion, especially with clerical abuse, corruption in the Catholic Church, and failure to change with modern times.

Now, I understand more about the Church. Every institution, be it religious, political, a non-profit, health care company, or anything, has corruption, miss-management, and division among leaders. Why does the Catholic Church deserve extra scrutiny? You could say, well for the last century they have raped and destroyed the lives of young boys, on behalf of unhealthy priests and deacons. The Church, mainly Pope Francis, has roundly condemned this and has apologized. Cardinals and some Archbishops and Bishops have also apologized for the past injustices caused by the Church. Pope Benedict XVI, I recall, was not as forgiving, as he was involved in covering up some aspects involving investigating priests for rape charges. The point is that the Catholic Church is not perfect. It is not always going to make decisions that people agree with. It is not going to be liked by everyone. That is okay.

You can compare this to the Democratic Party in the United States right now. Many people hate Democrats right now, more so the far-left Democrats. They are obstructing and corrupting the government right now. Again, people don’t agree with these far-left Democrats. Sadly, moderate to center-left Democrats, are labeled and falsely associated with the far-left Democrats. The far-left Democrats are rebelling against President Donald Trump because he is “not their President”. While, sensible Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, don’t want to destroy the system to deal with opposition. She is sensible and I would argue that most people in the United States are center-left Democrats. The point is that certain factions within an organization can corrupt the overall system. Making is inefficient, unethical, and not credible. We saw this with Tea Party Republicans and what happened to most of them? They are out of the office. Now, the Justice Democrats, the far-left Democrats, are in power. Could history repeated itself?

Every organization that has a lot of structural and global power and influence, is bound to be criticized. You are always going to have haters. You are always going to have people who look at the negative in everything, like bringing up hypothetical historical injustices. I think a question is, “shouldn’t we accept and acknowledge what happened in the past, but move forward and learn not to repeat it?” Living in the past, culturally and politically, even religiously, will get us nowhere. Pope Francis is now on social media, such as Twitter. He is now a digital versatile political and spiritual leader. The Holy See is a country, the Vatican City State, associated with the Catholic Church.

I’ve been critical of the Church for priests raping young boys, corruption such as Vatileaks, and Pope Benedict’s cover-up of the abuses and corruption. The issues that happened in Rwanda too. It made me think? How is the United States government any better? What about North Korea? What about Somalia? Nobody is perfect and no organization is efficient. Especially, if you have people in power who disagree. Specifically, on the Pontifical Commission.

I’m saying I’ve matured and now see both sides of the issue. This class has made me understand that even if you aren’t associated with a specific deity, believing in something can give you solace. It will make you take your responsibilities seriously and make you take life seriously but in a good way. It may help you prioritize what is important to you. While taking this class, it has helped me see multiple viewpoints and understand the Church. The structure, history, and the sacraments and sacramentality. I find the theology aspect of it interesting. I’ve moved on from lapsed-Catholic to Catholic. While the Catholic Church is in no way perfect, no organization is or has been in history. Think of what the Apostolic Nuncio (Papal Ambassadors) in Africa have done to help solve problems in economics, poverty, but more so, politically. Some Apostolic Nuncio’s have been killed and assassinated for their work. I think it is a noble sacrifice to work to help mediate political situations. The Church helped President Obama in Cuba and re-opening relations with the United States and Cuba. Pope Francis was key in this. He has also played other influential roles around the world.

Look at religion from a scientific perspective and a philosophical perspective. Be open-minded, understand the history and see the future, hope the Church is open to reform, but understand that they preserve methods of the past. Also, understand the differences in perspectives among religions towards Catholics and other denominations in the Christian faith. Be open-minded and understand religion and theology holistically. It can help you but understanding the philosophy of religion and moral and ethical philosophy.
Good luck!

The Irony In Conservative Media (Satire)

President Donald Trump is fighting for his second term and the campaigning is getting heated. If you notice, the rhetoric is still strong, but it’s different and President Trump is not as aggressive. Unless he’s responding to a serious allegation against him, it’s “fake news.” If you look at the history of fake news in America, it started in the mid-2000s with Fox News Channel, however, suddenly now CNN is the first fake news station? Imagine trying to tell this to Sean Hannity? You couldn’t because he would talk over you. It’s ironic because I wonder if the human resources department at Fox News purposely trains its “journalists” to talk over their liberal guests and constantly interrupt them? Rupert Murdoch, leader of Fox entertainment, must be proud of himself!

Now in America, we have two major commentary news networks spreading “fake news.” People in America have now understood that facts and education are no longer relevant to anything. Especially by voting for someone or electing them to a position of power, lies have become the key to it. The other problem we face is how do we know when fact-checkers aren’t biased? I think President Trump is right that media has gotten out of control, but it started with the network he is supported and promoted by, Fox News. Can’t you see the irony? Fox News Channel has always been anti-Democrat and you can see it online, dating back to 2005 and 2006, with Bill O’Reilly. He was the leading commentator at Fox until he was forced to resign. Not only did he abuse his wife in front of his children, as court reports show, but he also sexually assaulted and mistreated women who worked at Fox. Yet, he kept his job for all those years. Fox News, really? How ethical is that? Do people think your credibility is still valid? I think people have understood that Fox is a hub for the diluted and delusional man.

Now, Republicans can try to discredit this, and since they have made facts “situational,” everybody thinks everything is false. But the judicial system shows otherwise. O’Reilly had to pay tens of millions of dollars to pay off the women he mistreated. Yet, this man is still a hero? The other irony is that Hannity is still on Fox given the fact he’s done perhaps some “dirty work” for the President? Granted, Hannity’s not the most “sophisticated man” in media, he sure knows how to get people behind him. By the way, he’s not doing it justly and in a moral way. Typically, most journalists follow a code.

Journalism, up until George W. Bush’s presidency in 2001, was found on the main nightly networks. Facts and actual news would be shared, not non-impartial, non-factual bias and misleading information. Now, it seems that this sort of reporting is encouraged and anybody with access to a streaming service can spread this false news. It’s dividing people and it’s not good. Should we regulate freedom of speech, NO! But we should try to educate our population, or it will lead to the wrong people being elected into office based on fake news. Maybe it’s not just Hannity and O’Reilly that were the patriarchs of the fake news industry, but what we do know is that they are not real journalists. Most people I know, most people who are credible journalists and most objective observers know that those two men have contributed to the mess we are in—and what do we owe them for it?

Another publishing deal with Simon and Schuster talking about misleading historical evidence, found in “Killing Kennedy”, “Killing Lincoln”, and all the other killing books O’Reilly wrote? Somehow O’Reilly is a historian? Or Hannity working with to help Michael Cohen to run President Trump’s post-impeachment operations? Heck, maybe Hannity will join Cohen in prison? The reality is, today must to be smart with what is true and what is not. You must do the research and fact-checking. It’s not just Fox News, but CNN and MSNBC, screaming and yelling every night on television for millions of us to see. When will things get back to their original state, or are we heading into a better, more modern state? That’s up to us to decide. Choose wisely.