Sorry Part #8

Jackie and James took the room, Patrick had been dying to ask Annie about what had happened between her and David, especially with the text messages. “You sent me a text that shouldn’t have went to me,” said Patrick. “You didn’t mean any of that”? Annie responded, “No. Not at all, it was meant forContinue reading “Sorry Part #8”

Sorry- Part #7

           While Patrick was at the police station, trying to understand what was going on with Annie and David, Jackie was having a meltdown. Patrick had just heard in the background over the phone, “I’m pregnant!”. Jackie and James had slept together the previous night at the party, she got a result she was notContinue reading “Sorry- Part #7”

Sorry Part #4 –

After leaving the Gen Jen buffet, Annie, Patrick, James, and Jackie took a taxi back to campus. All of them stayed together in James’ dorm. The next morning, Patrick woke up with Annie lying right next to him, he felt that it maybe she was still interested in him. Patrick whispered in Annie’s ear, “happyContinue reading “Sorry Part #4 –”

Sorry Part #1

“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself yet,” asked James. “Listen, you need to get off the couch, quit moping, and do something with yourself. Sitting around crying, moping, and being sadistic to yourself is going to get you no-where.” James and Patrick had been friends for nearly ten years, their friendship was on theContinue reading “Sorry Part #1”

Marry Me

“Erin, do you care about me? Do you love me enough to be in this relationship”? Erin and Kassie had been in a relationship for nearly twelve years, since their junior year in high school. They went to the same university and believed they were life long lovers. Though, they were worried about others’ opinionsContinue reading “Marry Me”