Now that Democrats and Republicans have made facts situational. They’ve made most information not reliable, so where do we go from here? Look at the irony. From 2007 through even today, Republicans continually criticized then-Senator Barack Obama of Illinois throughout the media. He was elated, hated, and biased against. Ironically, we see most liberal pressContinue reading “Fakery”


Some people say they are not afraid of anything. I think this is an excellent trait to have. But, I think it’s important we discuss what we mean by “anything.” Do we expect a specific job? A certain class? A person? Afraid of what? I think a lot of people are so scared of theContinue reading “Fear?”

Tyler Fahey: I stand with the people of Hong Kong (Article in the Wisconsin State Journal: The Cap Times)


Her Nature

The worlds only black and white. No grey, no light. Simple is simple, nothing complex, nothing stark. What is the world, nothing, but an empty heart? Straightforward and cold, yet always dark. The world is lost, full of broken hearts. Neglecting and straightforward, yet everything is still hard. Can you design a heart? Can youContinue reading “Her Nature”

Risking Everything For What You Want

In life, you have to risk being offensive. In life, you have to be willing to be vulnerable, online and in person. In life, you have to risk doing things that the crowd or what status quo tells you. You have to be willing to risk everything, to make a change or make a changeContinue reading “Risking Everything For What You Want”

I’m An Elitist

I never realized that being educated was such a bad thing? Today being educated in any form, education means nothing. Well, that’s not my problem. I didn’t contribute to the neglect of education, it’s those who espouse facts and contradictions are at a loss. This is a serious problem. Facts and evidence matter. News, information,Continue reading “I’m An Elitist”

Journalist vs. Critics and Satirists and Their Roles In Society

ournalists are writers and people who share the news. The news that’s shared by journalists, typically have facts in them and they are based on an event typically happened. For example, the President of the United States visits Downing Street to meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. They met for a littleContinue reading “Journalist vs. Critics and Satirists and Their Roles In Society”

The Brexit Extension: Boris Asks EU (Opinion)

Today Stephanie Kelly, a political economist, was on Bloomberg News speculating that the European Union will respect Prime Minister Johnson’s ask for an extension and French President Macron suggest that the deadline be set in November. However, the European Union is saying that if we give you an extension, you will provide us with aContinue reading “The Brexit Extension: Boris Asks EU (Opinion)”

The Irony In Conservative Media (Satire)

President Donald Trump is fighting for his second term and the campaigning is getting heated. If you notice, the rhetoric is still strong, but it’s different and President Trump is not as aggressive. Unless he’s responding to a serious allegation against him, it’s “fake news.” If you look at the history of fake news inContinue reading “The Irony In Conservative Media (Satire)”