Gods Plan?

I’m proposing a discussion; NOTE: Feel free to comment! “If a man wrote the Bible, the Church was founded by man. How can we truly know what God thought, his plans, and whether he actually would agree with the Bible? After it all, it wasn’t written by God or promoted, Jesus Christ, his son promotedContinue reading “Gods Plan?”

NEWS About Blog

I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I believe this blog has potential. I’ve seen the comments, I’ve gotten feedback, and it’s doing well. However, I think it can do better. I’ve decided to add a few contributors to my (our) new site. I’ve changed the name of the site to suit so. WeContinue reading “NEWS About Blog”


Some people say they are not afraid of anything. I think this is an excellent trait to have. But, I think it’s important we discuss what we mean by “anything.” Do we expect a specific job? A certain class? A person? Afraid of what? I think a lot of people are so scared of theContinue reading “Fear?”

Tyler Fahey: I stand with the people of Hong Kong (Article in the Wisconsin State Journal: The Cap Times)


Recent Publication in Regional Newspaper (Mine) "America needs universal health care coverage".


The Final Countdown?

The song is a silent ring but hears like a loud bang. Pride is in music; love is in harmony; without it, our soul would be malnourished. The universe may end in ice, but our world is a song. Not silent, but long. Pieces have multiple sounds and multiple melodies. Dark and hot, negative, andContinue reading “The Final Countdown?”

Her Nature

The worlds only black and white. No grey, no light. Simple is simple, nothing complex, nothing stark. What is the world, nothing, but an empty heart? Straightforward and cold, yet always dark. The world is lost, full of broken hearts. Neglecting and straightforward, yet everything is still hard. Can you design a heart? Can youContinue reading “Her Nature”

The Good and Bad Side of Indulgences

In the fifteenth century, Pope Julius II was seeking some of the greatest artists and architects of the age to build a great new basilica. The problem was finding the money to pay for the extravagant new church. Pope Julius sought indulgences, meaning he would grant spiritual blessings for the sake of receiving money toContinue reading “The Good and Bad Side of Indulgences”

The Power of Jesuits

The Society of Jesus is the largest congregation in the Catholic Church. It has over sixteen-thousand members. It was founded four-hundred and eighty -three years ago by Ignatius of Loyola. The first Jesuit Pope is the incumbent, Pope Francis. He is also the first Pope from Latin America, which is big for the Church. ItContinue reading “The Power of Jesuits”

The Chinese Empire

As we know the United States and China have been in a numerous year trade war over goods and services between the two nations. We’ve seen a lot of rhetoric, some true, other statements, just blunder. But, there is one thing that these two nations have in common when approaching each other in agreeing withContinue reading “The Chinese Empire”