Windows Of Opportunities

We are ignoring a lot of potential in the world. The United States should focus on other places around the world, rather than China, Russia, Iran, and Syria, perhaps the European Union. There much potential for nations around the world to forge better relationships with each other. We see the rise of China as an economically viable regional power, soon to be a force to reckon. The point is, the media, politicians, and other officials and credible figures, need to focus on the bigger picture. The future. Technology, energy, education, and public and global health. 

If we can get business, corporate America, and the private sector, to forge relationships with nations outside of our traditional view, it could be of benefit. In 2017 Tesla CEO, Elon Musk had met with the President of Turkey to set up business negotiations associated with satellites. SpaceX, while not a profitable company, soon likely will be. This year with Airbus building, SpaceX launching, two satellites will be put into space for Turkey. We’ve seen Elon also meet with the President and Prime Ministers of India numerous times to talk about innovation in automobiles, electric cars, AI, and other emerging platforms. Technology is the future; this is both good and bad. There are arguments to make about ethics, but sometimes breaking the status quo is worthwhile. 

Change is not a bad thing, but people make it harmful. What I’m getting at is, the private sector in America is taking the rest of the world seriously. Nations that are at a disadvantage and emerging powers within regions, like India. The United States government likes to control situations, containment policy in China, monitoring the Middle East, and making the Europeans adhere to the world order of the United States. My argument is that the United States government should pivot to South East Asia, parts of Africa, and Latin America. Brazil has potential; South Africa has potential, China and India have much potential. The focus is in the wrong place, emphasizing the misguided policies. We need to focus on the future. The future is here; we must seek it, implement it, push for it, and frankly attack it. 

We must elect officials in the United States, who are not short-sighted. They must have a long-term point of view, think-outside-the-box, and be strategic. How do we elect these people? Go to town hall debates, challenge the politicians, especially if they meander around a question. Follow up with them and continue to follow up until they answer your questions. Finally, use your voice. Use your voice to challenge the status quo, and if the politicians in your district or state are adhering to the principles, they originally stood for, vote them out of office. Take to the streets in peaceful protest, lobby on behalf of your point of view. Again, use your voice, your vote, and your head when taking on the establishment.

Published by Tyler J. Fahey

I'm a college student, majoring in politics, history, and international studies. I'm also a journalist and have been published in various news platforms. The San Francisco Chronicle, Wisconsin State Journal, The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines Register, and Thrive Global. Also, my school paper. I'm interested in life, nature, death, fate and fortune, in this universe. Through various subjects and means of living. Thank you for reading my blog. Here is my Twitter page:

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