Warren Buffett on Coca Cola (KO)

Warren Buffett has stated on numerous occasions that Coca Cola, KO, is a safe stock. Many news outlets have suggested the same thing and that Coca Cola is a stock to be reckoned. As I’ve stated, I’ve known people to have invested in Coca Cola at a young age, which has made a lot of money off Coca Cola stocks. I know several people who spent over half a million dollars in Coca Cola over forty years. One person made nearly eighty-five million dollars; another made around forty-five-million dollars.

The point is that if you understand the stock market if you can time things right, and if you’re a “day to day” person, this might be a good option for you. For others, we have to learn to be this way. I’m a big picture, a vision-oriented person. I tend to believe the day to day stuff is meaningless because the day to day isn’t going to strive for your organization or whatever it is into the future. Goals matter.

The point is, I’ve found that given the current state of the economy, social security, and medicare, investing n the stock market at a young age is going to need to happen. What the amount is, I have no idea, but what needs to happen is investing as soon as practical. Many young people are hell-bent on getting out of college and having a family, before thinking about their long-term financial plans. For me, I take a rational approach; investing will be a priority. Coca Cola is a company that I will be looking at and investing in very soon.

I’m not a stockbroker, but given the results, my family, friends, and people around me have done with Coca Cola. Given what Warren Buffett has recently said about Coca Cola at their company headquarters, I would suggest looking into the stock. Predictable with excellent results. Here’s the video of Warren Buffett.

Take care!

Published by Tyler J. Fahey

I'm a college student, majoring in politics, history, and international studies. I'm also a journalist and have been published in various news platforms. The San Francisco Chronicle, Wisconsin State Journal, The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines Register, and Thrive Global. Also, my school paper. I'm interested in life, nature, death, fate and fortune, in this universe. Through various subjects and means of living. Thank you for reading my blog. Here is my Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tyleru21997

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