The Beauty and A Beast

     What is a beauty? Beauty is the mind, and beauty is art. Beauty is nature. Grace is the universe and forgiveness in humanity. Without some form of beauty, what is the meaning of life? If you have no creativity in society or if you have no adventure in a physical and literal format, everything is to bland. People need beauty. Beauty can be a relationship between a man and a woman, or a woman and woman. It can be through whatever standard one wants to define.

     There is no one true meaning of beauty. Beauty is, in the end, what a person defines as beauty. Vision could be that man or woman who is the love of your life. For me, beauty is the soul. The soul in which a human comes to nurture and love. Develop excellent and humane intent in conducting itself with other human beings, their brothers, and sisters. With all of this, the one good is what the soul develops itself. 

     If the soul is not pure, there is no soul. What the soul is, is a form of a human that is mostly just there but has no power. It has no meaning and no intent, it’s just there but is no longer relevant. Without useful purpose, without a proper and definite, constructive plan, the soul is bound to become evil. Will the soul lead to a demonized human, no. Demons do not exist? What does life is humans, animals, and organisms who can control their environment, that have ill intent, that seeks to anger another organism? To be sadistic. That is a demon; a demon is not a spirit; a beast is a human who is unethical and infinitely disguised as the right person. 

     In the end, beauty is within the individual’s hands. Beauty is and cannot be standardized. Grace is the multiplicity of things, depending on who is discussing the idea of beauty. Beauty, to me, is the soul. The soul, most of the time, is pure. The soul is moral and ethical. The soul seeks to be the best I can be. The soul is human. A human being has a soul, but the soul cannot connect to a spiritual nature — the soul will connect to the human. The human is connected to the soul because the soul is developed and nurtured by the human. The soul can be personality, but the soul is human. 

Financial Stress, Vahey vs. Kingston Part #2 (Flash Fiction)

“Mr. Kingston, why did you purposely manipulate data, that affected millions of people’s lives around the world. It doesn’t matter whether it was in developing nations, or developed nations, millions, of people were affected by this crisis”. Matthew Kingston is the CEO and Chairmen of Royal Financial, a trillion-dollar market cap banking company. He is in front of the Galway Parliament for misleading investors, falsifying corporate data, misleading public administrations and agencies, and purposely engaging in business tactics that were to benefit himself. Kingston, as previously mentioned, had worked his way to the top of corporate America, within ten years of working at Royal Financial.

    His management style, being at Royal Financial, has been described as brutal and full-blown chaos. Higher than the levels of former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. Threats to his workers and their livelihood if they don’t do specific tasks. Threats of lawsuits and other unethical management tactics of blackmail. These issues were brought up in the hearings, with Senator Vahey bringing them up. Senator Vahey again prepared for round two of discussions about Royal Financial.

    Ironically, the shares of Royal Financial had not nearly been as impacted as other banking companies and even other tech companies. Amazon’s stock price went from $3,500.00 a share to roughly $860.20 a share. Apple’s stock price went from $2,600.00 a share to nearly $340.60 a share, what it was almost a decade before. Royal Financials’ stock value in 2020 was roughly $450.00 and by the end of the decade, valued at nearly $6,250.00 a share — the highest of any stock. By the time the financial crisis occurred in 2031, the stock value was $7,004.50 a share. Matthew King owned $400,000,000,000.00 worth of shares in the company, making him the richest man in modern history. Also, the richest man in American history, surpassing the Rockefellars. 

    Was Royal Financial a monopoly on the banking system? No, it wasn’t, or it was never investigated to be such. Ironically, members of the Senate Committee that Senator Vahey was leading, had thousands of shares in Royal Financial, but yet were taking on the man who made these senators rich and worth millions of dollars. In the hearing, Senator Vahey pointed out this irony, which mostly leads him to believe their criticism, Mr. Kingston was not credible nor pure. Senator Vahey decided to take matters into his hand and control the Senate hearing.

    “Mr. Kingston, I’m aware of your management style. My wife’s nephew participated in an externship at your companies risk management department but left nearly four weeks after the internship started. He left because he noticed that your business and management tactics were unethical and he did not want to be threatened for his life because he made a minor mistake. Do you understand how unethical of a businessman you are”? Senator Vahey was again very aggressive with his comments. Mr. Kingston responded, “Look, at Royal Financial, we are a company that believes in working to the best of your abilities. Working hard and doing well. We like results, and we like seeing them for the hard work we put into our jobs”. Senator Vahey responded, “But, at what costs? The integrity of your company as a whole or the livelihoods of your employees. Working hard and achieving is results are fantastic, but it’s how you’re doing it. You’re doing it in a manner comparable to slavery, but you’re paying them, yet you’re threatening them and giving them altmatums”? “Senator, we don’t believe in the tactics your wife’s nephew claimed, nor the tactics you’re putting forward,” responded Kingston. 

    “Well, the record will show, Mr. Kingston, that what I have mentioned is what you’re doing. We have reviews of your company and former employees. We have reviews of former board members and we have the facts and data right here. I have them in front of me”, responded Senator Vahey. The room was getting heated, Senator Vahey’s voice was raising every time he talked and was getting more and more confrontational. Mr. Kingston, while relaxed, was hesitant to confront any of the questions. “Senator, what data do you have? What facts do you have. We do not make our conversations public between employees”. Senator Vahey responded, “Well, listen, Mr. Kingston, right now it is what it is. We have comments from people who’ve worked at your company, Royal Financial, the company you head, of your management style, the way you threatened employees, and the ways you conducted business. I remember going to college and taking a class called “Morals and Money,” it was a Catholic Traditions oriented class. I suggest you take it. What these reports have suggested is that you’re a tyrant in the corporate board room. You’re someone who deserves to be put in the Coventry, not lead anyone. You are out for your own advantage. Not for others”. 

    Senator Vahey was about to get the last word, Kingston had no response. “Mr. Kingston, do you have anything to say or are you just going to sit there. If I were you I would at least say something because your reputation and integrity as a person are at stake in this hearing and numerous ones around the world. Nobody likes you, and even I don’t like you. You’ve messed with the wrong people. Governments can intervene when companies are taking advantage of citizens and the government itself. Which is what you’re doing”.

    Mr. Kingston finally responded, “Senator, at Royal Financial, we follow laws, we follow our policies when deemed need, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are fair and impartial, but yet accommodating. We care about all of our employees. Frankly, my reputation is not what I’m worried about, but fixing this problem is what I’m worried about”. As the session drew near its end, Senator Vahey again got the last word. 

    “Mr. Kingston, I have a report from Anna Peterson, a lawyer from your company. She was on paid maternity leave while working for Royal Financial. Within a week of her leave at the company, you were coercing her to come back to work. You said, “if you don’t get your ass back to work, you’ll be fired.” Those are your words, in a corporate email sent at 8:35 AM on June 12th, 2031. We have the physical copy right here, right now”. “Who was that sent by again, Senator,” responded Kingston. “Is your name Matthew Kingston? If it is, which it is, then it’s you, sir. Is this very disingenuous and you should be disgusted with yourself. You are taking away this women’s right, especially to raise her child in the most crucial time of the child’s life. I’m going to say it, and you can put this into the record, you are a disgusting human being. You’re disgusting, and you should quit from the board at your company. You should be forced to step down. How and the world could the Human Resources department at your company not been aware of this”, Senator Vahey responded sarcastically. “I know,” answered Vahey, “You hid the email from them and kept it between senior management.”

    The atmosphere in the room was tense. Many journalists were taking notes of this and sitting in the committee room, taking notes, and publishing articles on the hearing. MR. Kingston was speechless and knew he was wrong. It would be his goal by the end of the third round of discussions to get the last word from Senator Vahey, but it would be a fight. A fight he would win, but not win. 

The Mentor

         If a relationship is balanced, there will be happy if there is tyranny in a relationship, expect everything to be unbalanced. If one controls all, you control none — not even yourself. Control or uncontrol, you are you.

    If a relationship is balanced, love will be present. If a bond is unbalanced, love will be exempt. What is love? Love is genuine emotion and feeling between two or more people, though, according to Aristotle, love within one person is not a bad thing. 

    If a relationship is balanced, both people have power. Fair means some powers are delegated and separated. We have separations of powers; no one branch of government has control over the other, although that is far fetched; in theory, that is the case. 

    If relationships are not balanced, if there is a power struggle, if there is some level of inconsistency within the structure, and it’s tyrannical, it must be overthrown, replaced with someone who can lead. Someone who can coach and teach. Someone who can love? 

    If a relationship is not balanced, then there will be nothing but hatred, bigotry, and inequality. Not inequality of monetary value, but emotional value. If one controls emotions, all emotions, then what feelings do you have? You have none. How do you get your feelings back? 

    You seek them, fight for them, love them, and nurture them. Don’t let someone steal those from you or control feelings. Most people have emotions, some do not. Most people have a genuine love for others; others don’t. Others see relationships, dealing with family, maybe friends, as an option. 

    Life is an option, yes, but if you’re mentoring someone and teaching them, you must help that mentee, at all costs. There are no, and’s if’s, but’s or any other excuses. Do not expect anything in return; if you do, you’re are serving your interests. The end is not the interests of all. The purpose is to see the mentee succeed. 

    Love is a balance if there is no balance. It’s not loving, its not a mutually reciprocated relationship, rather a relationship built on nothing but prejudice and negativity. Get out of it, fight against it, leave it, and find something worthwhile. 

    Surround yourself with people who care about you, in a valid format. Not those who their gain and expect something in return for helping you achieve your dreams or life ambitions. If a mentor or teacher requires this of you, leave them behind, and resist them. They aren’t doing their job, nor should they have the job, never should they have applied or even south to teach or mentor the mentee. 

    They should have stayed at home, in their senseless mind full of insecurity and self-centeredness. Ignorance is the corruption of the brain, but guilt and irresponsibility, with present intent and clear conscious intent, is utter immortality and unethical. 

A Collapsed World Part #1- (Flash Fiction)

“Mr. Kingston, were you aware that Royal Financials statements were misleading to the global economic community”? In 2032, the world economy had sunk, not into an economic recession, but a literal depression. Likes of which happened in the early twentieth century. Many people were starting to wonder if it would take the third world war to bring back the global economy as World War II had done to western nations. 

    This time it was different, one of the most heated discussion over the previous ten months leading to January 2032, was Royal Financials misleading management, manipulating, and controlling of world financial data. Royal Financial was a problem for many governments. Many made their federal, state, and local budgets based on some of these reports. Due to misleading information on behalf of Royal Financial, the company was able to benefit from misleading governments. It allowed the company to mislead governments, benefiting from corporate tax rates, and lowered interest rates. 

    The man in front of the Galway Parliament was CEO and Chairmen of Royal Financial, Michael Kingston. He had been leading the company since 2019. Royal Financial was one of the few American companies, the first financial service company to reach a trillion-dollar market cap, next to Microsoft and Amazon. Though, in 2032, Royal Financial, essentially owned 6.5% of the US gross domestic product, Kingston, owning nearly 3.2% of the 6.5%. Kingston made billions off of false information, and within the twelve years, he leads the company, made nearly fifty billion dollars every year, leading up to the crisis in 2031. Now, in January of 2032, he’s in front of the Galway Parliament, facing severe questions from legislators. 

    “The Committee will be in order. Mr. Kingston, I’m Senator John Vahey. I chair the Committee and have for two years now. We have every member of this Committee here today, which is not typical. But, we are all here for an excellent reason, and that is to ask you why you have gotten us into the economic morass. I will start with my opening statement. Then I will allow you to respond to round one of our questions. I have one minute, and I will likely finish within. You will get about forty-five seconds to respond to my opening statement”.

    Senator Vahey, a member of the Galway Parliament from Northern Galway, was incredibly frustrated with the situation. He was personally misled by Royal Financial, when passing the last budget for Galway, like many members of the Galway Parliament were. He was bound to challenge Kingston, to get to the point and not side-step any questioning. 

    “Mr. Kingston, I would say that we are in the greatest economic collapse ever in the history of global economics. I would argue much worse than the Great Depression that the Greatest Generation endured. We live in a modern world, with modern systems, it’s a completely different situation, but the irony is funny. History, to some extent, repeats itself, right? Yet, you’re at the center of it. So, I have three simple questions; please do not side-step them. We have a lot of business to do here today and for the remainder of the week. One, why did you purposely mislead governments around the world on your financial statements, when we rely on this in budgeting our taxation on financial services institutions. Two did you seek this out of your advantage. Three, did you know that your henchmen were purposely manipulating data and misleading not just politicians, but your shareholders in your company. That is my opening statement, Mr. Kingston; you have forty-five seconds, the floor is yours”. 

    Mr. Kingston knew he was in trouble. He knew what he did, but he was not going to go down without a fight. He was firm and admitted that he did nothing wrong when in reality, his own seek for material wealth, ruined millions of lives around the world, including some members of his own family. Even friends as well. He had readily prepared documents with his team and was going to be transparent, but mostly the hearing turned into a mess.

    “Thank you, Senator Vahy. I am answering the first question. One, we submit financial reports to all nations we conduct business with, and we must do it right and fairly and accurately. With factual representation. Two, I didn’t seek taking advantage of billions of people for the sake of my gain, I’m a businessman, I conduct business, I will do what I can to make my business succeed. Three, I was not aware that my company was involved in any manipulation of data; I’m not involved with financial analysis; I led strategic leadership and risk management of the company”. 

    Senator Vahey was ready for a rebuttal and was going go full blast. “I would like to respond to your comments because you were very generalized in your responses. I find it ironic that you are a businessman, right? Do you want to do the best for your company at any cost? Yet you would put your company in such a situation like this. You’re the CEO of the most powerful company in the world, yet a CEO oversees everything in the company, and you only oversee strategy and risk? That’s very hard for me to believe. Very hard! As a CEO, it is your legal, moral, and business obligation to know what goes on in your company, if you don’t, you should not be leading it. The fact that you can sit here and say you care about your company and want it to succeed, yet you aren’t even responsible for the financial oversight of the company? You’re the CEO!”

    Senator Vahey was known as a powerful senator, verbally and debated wise. He would poke holes in people’s arguments, fight vigorously and would not be on the defensive, seeking to have the last word. In this situation, he happened to be on the right side. “You don’t understand Mr. Kingston. Your company is responsible for nearly 55% of my constituents who were in the middle class to an upper middle class, losing most of their livelihood. But, at “I will do what I can to make my business succeed,” that rubbed off on billions of people. People in Galway included. Why are you flying around the world, trying to lick your wounds? You don’t even know what you’ve gotten yourself into!” 

    Mr. Kingston knew that Senator Vahy was right. His response was defensive. “Senator, I understand that this was a mistake made by my company. We were not transparent, we were not responsible, and we did not conduct operations right. We are at fault for that, but it was not at my inability to mismanage people. We happen to have made huge steps with our company in the last seven years.

As you know and have stated, we’ve been the most well-built company in the United States and around the world. We’ve done well, and we’ve strategized well, but not prepared for this. That is our fault”.

    Senator Vahey, sitting in his chair, he did not believe what he was hearing. To him, excuses. Over and over again, but not real accountability. With the heated, with other Senators wanting their speeches heard, but for nearly forty-five minutes, Senator Vahy and Mr. Kingston went at it. Senator Vahey responded before the end of what was supposed to be round one of the hearing. “Look, Mr. Kingston, I think the record will show that you’re the CEO of Royal Financial. As the CEO, you’re in charge of the operation. You mislead powerful, responsive, and competent people. You lied to people for your advantage. You sought to seek out wealth for your gain. You were not “aware” of what was going on in your company’s financial department, which shocks me because the CFO reports to the CEO and the board members of most, if not, all companies. You’re making excuses for your wrongdoings. It wasn’t “us,” it was you! You got us into your mess under your leadership. You’ve gotten us into this mess; we expect you to help us get out of it. You’re fixing the monster you created. Do you understand? The Committee will be in recess for a thirty-minute break”

The Man

Men are human but not divine. How does a man become horrid? When his soul is tainted. Lose of respect, lose of love, no love within the man. If the man loves women, he will respect the women. If he loves women, but abuses the women, touches and tortures the women, he’s an animal. 

In most cases, animals can’t be tamed unless domesticated. Can you teach a man? A man-dog, as Diogenes suggested. Maybe. But the problem is if the man is in control of himself, but if the man can’t control himself, who will? 

If a man feels that woman are toys. If a man believes that women are second class citizens and that they are tools, if they don’t view the women as a fellow human being, like them, they are doomed to prison.

Maybe not doomed to sit in steal but doomed to sit in fire. If there is fire and if there is hell, in whatever context, the man will burn till he is in ashes. Ashes are black, showing what soul he has. 

Not all souls are black because not all souls burn for adverse consequences. But, some souls, some men, deserve to rot in the fire pits of hell. Hell can be multiple things, can have numerous implications, but most times, it’s negative. 

If the man sees the woman as his companion, if the man considers the woman to be his equal and a lover, he will be in good hands. Respect given, love cherished, hearts mended, and children fruited.

If the relationship is tainted with allegory and negativity, a fire will loom, and souls will be burning. If the soul is burning, if the soul is present with light, where is it to go? It goes nowhere but burning to shreds. Pieces of a human being, a soul, that was once thought to be good, fair, and decent, but was profoundly horrifying. 

Forever Lost

Once this black hole explodes. Every war we’ve fought, every law we’ve passed, every step mankind has taken to advance humanity and sought its success. Every hug you’ve embraced. Tears you’ve shed, kiss you’ve given, and cry you’ve shared with yourself or someone you love, or a stranger. Everything we’ve ever known, the Pantheon in Rome, the Great Barrier Reef in Oceania, Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, Stone Henge in the British Isles, Yellow Stone National Park in the West of America, The Louvre in Paris, and in every space history has been made and shared. Your life, my life, the lives before and after us, will be gone in the dust and wind, of deep, dark, cold, and timeless dustbins of space. Everything we’ve ever known and wanted to know, thought and processed, will mean nothing. It will continue to be lost and mean nothing, forever.

Ideas of the Future

(WARNING: I’m not a scientist, but a theorist of induction)

This is a hypothetical discussion worth talking about and asking. The question of what is the “Great Void” or “Supervoid” that stretches over three-hundred million light-years in space? I honestly can believe that it could be a three civilization. We are insignificant on Earth compared to the billions of galaxies in the universe. There could be an alien civilization of type three, comparable to Star Wars, in this Great Void. We don’t know and probably won’t know for a long time.

Until we understand dark energy, we won’t know anything about our origins as a universe and anything significant about existence. Should we turn to philosophy? Yeah, sure. But, don’t give up on trying to figure out the science. Pick on better science, leave the theology out of the science classroom, because comparable to type three civilizations, as far as I’m aware, most theists and traditional believers, don’t care about “science fiction”.

This type three civilization at this very moment is laughing at the fact we are about to visit Mars. They will say, “look, we could do that a ten-thousand years ago”! For most people this is laughable and a waste of time. Well, that’s fine don’t think about it, but your potential curiosity could help us get to the next step of our potentiality as humans lead to the actuality of the future we want.

People will have to get behind science whether they like it. It’s here to stay and without it, you wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom, see the doctor, email your cousin in Hong Kong, drive your pickup truck on the country roads without throwing up consistently, and even trying to eat your ribeye steak dinner. Folks, be open to something new and be willing to explore the universe and its findings. Be more open-minded about our potentiality and future reality.

If you want to stay where you’re at, that’s fine, but don’t allow that attitude to inflict on others who are open-minded. The future is ours for the taking, either hope on for the ride or stay in bed. While the rest of us go to the interstellar playground of Mars and the sky cities of Venus.